Grunley’s success is credited to the cooperative and long-standing relationships we have developed with the subcontractor community over the last two decades.

Associate Partner Training Program Application

The Associate Partner Training Program, presented by Grunley Construction, will consist of ten courses on a monthly basis, instructed by Grunley executives and leadership team members who are subject matter experts on each respective topic.

Grunley will cover all associated program costs (not including travel and lodging, should your company need those accommodations) - program attendance is free to accepted applicants. To participate, please fill out the application form below.

Do you plan for any additional company representatives to attend the program? *

A maximum of three (3) total attendees per company are permitted at each session, including the primary attendee, whose information you already provided.

If you would like any additional company representatives to attend sessions, please provide the information below. Depending what's best for your company, you can choose to have the same representatives attend all 10 sessions, or you may choose to have specific people from your company attend sessions most pertinent to their work (i.e. have your head of safety attend the Safety session, have your Chief Estimator attend the Estimating session, etc.). Only the primary attendee must attend all of the sessions for the purposes of continuity. However, to reiterate, a maximum of 3 attendees per company can attend any given session.

Is your company a prequalified Grunley subcontractor or supplier? If not, we encourage you to fill out the qualification form here: *
Please indicate if your business qualifies as any of the below *
Has your company worked directly with Grunley on any of our projects before? *

Consider factors such as dollar value, schedule, complexity of scope, and unique challenges of the project that were outside of your company's control. Tell us about the size, contract dollar value, scope, client, prime contractor, location, etc. Please limit your answers to about five (5) sentences for each project. NOTE: Grunley understands that different companies will have different capabilities and different past experiences, and that is okay. This question is not intended to be a competition against fellow applicants for who has accomplished the most, but rather, an opportunity for us to understand your company's values and what work you are proud of.

If so, to whatever extent you are comfortable sharing, please describe what programs and with whom. This question will NOT negatively affect your application review, regardless of what information is (or is not) provided in your answer.