Grunley’s success is credited to the cooperative and long-standing relationships we have developed with the subcontractor community over the last two decades.

Associate Partner Training Program Application

The Associate Partner Training Program is an annual program aimed at helping our small business subcontracting partners succeed, both in working with Grunley, and in the construction industry at-large. The program consists of ten courses held on a monthly basis, instructed by Grunley executives and leadership team members who are subject matter experts on each respective topic. It is designed to equip small business leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to grow their business. The program is hosted at our Headquarters Office in Rockville, MD free of charge to participants.

Topics covered include Creating a Successful Work Environment, Bonding & Insurance, Estimating, Purchasing, Construction Technology, Scheduling, Project Management, Accounting, Safety, Training, & Quality Control, and Long-Term Financial Stability.

Applications have closed for this year’s program (September 2022 – June 2023). However, if your small business is interested in participating in next year’s program, please contact Todd Allen-Gifford to express interest. Applications are expected to open for next year in May or June of 2023.